(2008 — 2023)

UltraSexi is a Dutch, Amsterdam based, cooperative, creative and production platform for—and with—young talent. It was founded in 2008 with the aim to match, encourage, inspire and support young creative people. Throughout its existence a significant network growth has taken place in all creative fields connected.
From music and visual arts to fashion and theatre, We instrumentalise nightlife to shed light upon our aims of living a more creative and free spirited society.

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Atmosphere and accessibility are desirable at events. From meetings and openings, private dates and gastronomic restaurants, to the door of a busy nightclub and festival stages. After a countless afternoons, evenings and nights, I have extensive experience in facilitating festive occasions and understanding the fragility of such events. Feeling flawlessly if more or less contact or narration is desired. A good host knows its role on the floor and behind the scenes, fulfilling the wishes and unconscious desires of guests. With a broad knowledge of the culinary landscape, a host must also be correct, neat, and efficiently armed for any situation in its broader cultural and political backdrop.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Production (2015 — 2017)

UltraSexi was commissioned by Stedelijk Museum and Amsterdam Art Weekend to direct the after party for the opening of the Isa Genzken exhibition. For one night only (Saturday November 28th of 2015) we built an underground club in the basement of the old Citroën Garage and curated the line-up and arts.

Two years later we were back with Stedelijk Museum to direct the official opening party of JUMP INTO THE FUTURE! Stedelijk Museum x Amsterdam Art Weekend Borgmann collection exhibit at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. We built a fully functioning club inside the entrance hall of SM and curated the night.


F*cking Pop Queers!
(2006 — 2023)

IT'S FUN! IT'S POP! AND SOOO GAY! FPQ started in Studio80 on a Wednesday night in 2006 and from 2009 it's every second Saturday of the month at Jimmy Woo until 2014. The party is a parody on the cliches of nightlife and its theme parties, celebrating and reacting on contemporary pop culture.

FPQ XL is the bigger sibling of FPQ in the famous Amsterdam pop temple, Paradiso. Multiple times a year we organise an over the top edition of fun and craziness with our biggest edition annually during Pride Amsterdam.

Studio80, Amsterdam 2006 - 2007
Jimmy Woo, Amsterdam 2009 - 2013
Comedy Theater, Amsterdam 2014
Paradiso, Amsterdam 2011 - present

(2006 — 2011)

The monthly queer club night at Studio80, M.U.L.T.I.S.E.X.I., was extremely successful. Visited by the young artistic avant-garde and fashion scene of Amsterdam. This night was first organised on August 5th 2005 at Pride Amsterdam. Its aim was to give off a signal, indicating that there is more than the monocultures of the straight, gay and lesbian world. From the start the party has had healthy mix of people from various backgrounds and sexual orientations. The nights where always developed with an underlying theme, which is enlarged through satire. We love to see our guests as playful children and their artistic efforts are highly appreciated.

M.U.L.T.I.S.E.X.I. had his last night at the 4th of June 2011 with the theme: "M.U.L.T.I.S.E.X.I. FOREVER”. In 2017 we made a reappearance at the closing night of the discotheque. Shaking the club one last time to ground.

Studio80, Amsterdam 2006 - 2011
THT, Amsterdam 2018

Club nights

With much love and enthusiasm we curated many other nights such as:

U.L.T.R.A.S.E.X.I. - Paradiso, Amsterdam 2009 - 2018
XXX: Queer bardancing — ClubNL, Amsterdam 2017 - 2018
Pink King - Paradiso, Amsterdam 2015 - 2019
The Pirate Club - Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam 2015 - 2017
Xenomaniax - Sugarfactory, Amsterdam 2013
Het Toekomstige Genootschap / The Future Society - Brasserie Harkema, Amsterdam 2012
UltraViolet - Flexbar, Amsterdam 2008 - 2010


Stages hosted:

Milkshake Festival 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017
Cocktailfest 2017
Valtifest 2016
Mode Bienalle Arhnem 2009
Homomonument Amsterdam 2008

Graphic design

Niederländische Botschaft in Deutschland (Berlin)
CSD bus design. (2018)

The Dutch embassy in Berlin participates in the yearly pride parade, referred to as 'Christoffer street day". In 2018 the Embassy has asked for a new design showing the colors and diversity of the dutch capitol. Dus promoting Amsterdam and linking it to the Dutch pride parade. The end result was a collage of the city with many local (nightlife)heroes and artists.

Hangover Information Center (Amsterdam)
Product design. (2015)

Working together with the architectures of XML, I provided the graphic design for the white vitamin store. The store sold the vitamine supplement Reset, after drink.

Exhebition "Zwart Amsterdam" Amsterdam Museum (Amsterdam)
Exhibition (2016)

The Amsterdam Museum called upon the people of Amsterdam to nominate black role models: writers, politicians, rappers, or even their next door neighbor. Guest curator Imara Limon worked together with the museum to make a selection from all those nominated. After the items, photgraphes and artworks we're selected we created a graphic line throught the exhibition.

From 7 October to 13 November the museum is hosting a range of activities on themes such as representation and the question: ‘What is black?’ The program for this year's Museum Night on 5 November is also on the theme ‘Black Amsterdam’.

Poster design
Event designs

Here are a couple of examples of event posters I have designed.

Computer Graphic

Surreal dreams (2021)

Two dreams (animations): Floating fabrics & a homage to Laurie Anderson.

Recreation (2020)

Recreating and transforming some of my favorite installations of the Stedelijk Museum collection.

Animations (2021)

Combining experiments of recreating objects with procedural materials.

Material (2020)

A series of experiments with procedural materials.

Animated posters
Grauzone Festival (2021)

A collection of moving posters for the online edition of the undeground performance, art festival Grauzone.

Other works

collages and photos

Part of my private work is a documentation of the Amsterdam Queer scene. Capturing the magic of the local superstars of the city.

Private dates

As a pride special I organized a serie of exclusive dating experience at the Oude Kerk. You, your date and me, locked in an empty church with the installation 'Poems for Earthlings’ by Adrián Villar Rojas. An hour to wander around alone.

Food provided by Robin van Otterloo

Sant Jordi (2016 - present)

Sant Jordi, better know as on of the captains of UltraSexi. Filling the dancefloor with love fibes. Mixing homo-eclectic tracks, seaminglingy flying between genres and eras.

credit image above: nightlife pictures: by Fabian Landewee and Maarten Nauw.

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